ICMART is an international, non-profit organization based in Brussels. Established in 1983 in Vienna, ICMART is the only world organization representing Medical Acupuncture and related techniques. Comprised of 90 Medical Acupuncture associations worldwide, with more than 35,000 members-doctors applying acupuncture. The purpose of ICMART is to promote the application of acupuncture in the context of evidence-based medicine and with regard to the effectiveness, safety and cost of treatment.


Medical Acupuncture is an evolution of traditional acupuncture in the West developed by European physicians nearly 60 years ago and has spread around the world through its incorporation in clinical practice. It utilizes methods of modern, western medicine regarding theory, clinical application and research. The spread and acceptance of acupuncture by the medical community was based on its effectiveness and on reliable data from numerous randomized, controlled trials and systematic reviews that warrant the clinical application of acupuncture in a wide range of diseases.